Best Motorcycle Rides in Massachusetts ๐ŸŒ‰ | 7 Top MA Motorcycle Roads

Last Updated on: 8th April 2024, 01:44 pm

Rev your engines for the Bay State! Nearly 150,000 Massachusetts residents are registered motorcyclists.

You can explore scenic motorcycle rides in Massachusetts with breathtaking routes like Quabbin Reservoir, Mohawk Trail, and the Cape Cod Route. Discover picturesque landscapes and winding roads perfect for riders of all levels. Whether you’re seeking central state adventures or coastal cruises, Massachusetts offers unforgettable motorcycle experiences.

However, the sheer number of Massachusetts motorcycle rides can make it hard to decide where to ride your bike after getting a Massachusetts motorcycle license. You should examine a few different popular motorcycle rides, including rural and urban ones.

Here is where you can enjoy a motorcycle ride in Massachusetts today.

Mohawk Trail | Best Massachusetts Motorcycle Tour for Outdoor Attractions

Motorists and motorcyclists on Mohawk Trail

The Mohawk Trail was the first scenic road in New England, established in 1914. It covers 63 miles of roadways in the northern tip of Massachusetts, running through several small towns and natural preserves. You can enjoy picturesque views of some of Massachusetts’ best natural wonders, including Mount Greylock, Mohawk Trail State Forest, and Natural Bridge State Park.

The Mohawk Trail is a good choice for motorcycle riders with some experience. The trail contains a few steep uphill slopes and winding roads that can be hard for beginners to navigate. However, the motorcycle road contains enough places where you can stop, rest, and explore. Beginners who want to hone their motorcycle skills can enjoy the Mohawk Trail on their beginner motorcycles.

Mohawk Trail Details

  • Starting location: Westminister, Massachusetts
  • Ending location: Williamstown, Massachusetts
  • Towns and cities along the route: Orange, Greenfield, Buckland, and North Adams
  • Length: 63 miles
  • Time to ride: Roughly one hour, depending on traffic
  • Major roads: Routes 2 and 2A

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Route 6A | Best Motorcycle Ride on Cape Cod

Winding roads in Route 6A, Provincetown, Cape Cod

Route 6A is one of the major car and motorcycle roads on Cape Cod. It runs along the Cape Cod Bay shoreline and connects several major Cape Cod towns together, including Provincetown. Route 6A consists of two roads, one that runs west to east from Bourne to Orleans and another that runs from Truro to Provincetown. Route 6 connects the two roads together, making it easy to navigate all of Cape Cod.

Route 6A contains winding roads, which can be hard to navigate, especially in the summer when many people visit the Cape. The road is fairly flat and well-paved, and you can get off the road at various exits to enjoy some of Cape Cod’s best attractions. Kid-friendly beaches are open throughout the year, including Mayflower Beach and Skaket Beach. If you prefer indoor attractions, you can stop at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History and learn about Cape wildlife.

While Cape Cod is best known as a summertime destination, you can enjoy Route 6A in the fall and winter. Traffic will be far less congested during the fall and winter, so you can get between locations faster, though you study winter motorcycle riding. You can also enjoy beautiful foliage and views of the water, forests, and sandy beaches near the motorcycle road.

Route 6A Details

  • Starting location: Bourne, Massachusetts
  • Ending location: Provincetown, Massachusetts
  • Towns along the route: Sandwich, Barnstable, Yarmouth, Dennis, Brewster, Orleans, and Truro
  • Length: 62.4 miles
  • Time to ride: Roughly 90 minutes; summer visits can be over two hours due to traffic congestion, so consider visiting in the winter
  • Major roads: Routes 6 and 6A

Shelburne Falls Loop | Scenic Motorcycle Tour in MA With Beautiful Water Views

The Quabbin Reservoir in the fall

The Shelburne Falls motorcycle ride is one of the best rides in Western Massachusetts. The route contains some of the most scenic points of interest in Massachusetts, including the Connecticut River and the Berkshire Mountains. In addition to great views as you head west and south, you can stop in quaint towns and visit locally-run and affordable stores.

The state government has recently repaired the roads in the loop, so you can enjoy relatively smooth roads as you ride. The loop contains some hills, but these hills often have vista pull-offs where you can stop and take a break. Shelburne Falls is one of the most popular routes for motorcyclists in the central part of MA. You may encounter congestion, especially on one-lane roads, so schedule your ride for non-peak hours. Remember that lane splitting is illegal in Massachusetts, so stay in one lane during motorcycle rides in Massachusetts.

Shelburne Falls Details

  • Starting location: Gardner, Massachusetts
  • Ending location: Westminster, Massachusetts
  • Towns along the route: Athol, Orange, Greenfield, and Amherst
  • Shelburne Falls Loop distance: 132 miles
  • Time to ride: Three hours, can take longer if you choose to explore the towns along the route
  • Major roads: Routes 2, 112, 202, 62, and 68

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Quabbin Reservoir Loop | One of the Best Motorcycle Rides in Massachusetts for Rural Rides

Old North Bridge in Concord, MA

The Concord to Gloucester Route is one of the best motorcycle rides in Massachusetts for exploring the North Shore. It gives you access to a mixture of things to do, including a number of sites from the Salem Witch Trials and the Revolutionary War. You can visit a few different small towns, including Salem, making this motorcycle road suitable for a long vacation. Concord contains several battle sites from the Battles of Lexington and Concord, making it one of the best places in New England for Revolutionary War history.

Many motorcycle riders riding in the North Shore from Boston take Interstate 95. However, Interstate 95 is very congested, even during non-peak hours. The Salem-Gloucester Route uses Interstate 95 for a brief period of time, but you spend most of your time riding on roads like Route 62, which has far less congestion. If you ever encounter bad conditions, you can get off Interstate 95 or other roads at various exits.

If you want to explore the northern coast of Massachusetts, you can take a few alternative motorcycle rides in Massachusetts after visiting Salem. You can get on Interstate 95 and go to Manchester-by-the-Sea, or you can take Route 1A to Ipswich. Both motorcycle roads let you see views of the water and provide access to outdoor destinations like forests and beaches. Gloucester is a hub for small stores and restaurants near Boston, so it’s a good destination if you want to go shopping once you’re done riding.

Concord to Gloucester Route Details

  • Starting location: Concord, Massachusetts
  • Ending location: Gloucester, Massachusetts
  • Towns along the route: Burlington, Woburn, Danvers, Peabody, and Salem
  • Concord to Gloucester distance: 140 miles
  • Time to ride: Three hours
  • Major roads: Interstate 75 and Route 62

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Route 119 | Easy Motorcycle Tour Near the MA-NH Border

A brook in Ashby, MA

Route 119 is one of the best motorcycle rides in Massachusetts for visiting areas near the New Hampshire border. It’s also one of the best motorcycle roads for beginners, as it’s a short road with some winding paths but relatively flat roads.

The route runs through woods, so it’s in a secluded area without congestion or distracting tourist attractions. You can enjoy foliage during the fall, as well as nice sunset views in the spring and summer. Several hiking trails connect to Route 119, including Mount Watatic Trail. Mount Watatic is a great mountain you can hike or go camping on, and it provides incredible views of the western part of MA.

If Route 119 is too easy for you, or if you want a more complete ride, you can extend your journey. Route 119 runs through New Hampshire and ends in Vermont, and you can visit Ashburnham State Forest and other destinations along the route. Route 119 connects to other top motorcycle rides in Massachusetts, including the loop around Quabbin Reservoir.

Route 119 Details

  • Starting location: Groton, Massachusetts
  • Ending location: Rindge, NH
  • Towns along the route: Ashby
  • Route 119 distance: 13 miles
  • Time to ride: 20 minutes
  • Major roads: Route 119

Through the Country to the Castle | Best Tour in Boston

The coast around Castle Island, Boston

Through the Country to the Castle is a unique motorcycle ride in Massachusetts, as it takes you to both rural and urban points of interest. The road begins in south Massachusetts, in an area with rural roads, mountains, and forests. The road goes north and takes you through small municipalities before ending at Castle Island in Boston. The island contains one of the oldest military forts in New England.

You can ride along the south coast and enjoy nice views of the water and beaches there. As you get closer to Boston, you can see the skyline and take photographs of buildings like the Prudential Center and John Hancock Building. This road is one of the easiest roads for motorcycle riding, as the terrain is smooth and contains very few potholes.

To the Castle Details

  • Starting location: Taunton, MA
  • Ending location: Boston, MA
  • Cities along the route: Brockton, Stoughton, and Milton
  • Distance: 36 miles
  • Time to ride: Roughly one hour
  • Major roads: Interstate 95 and Route 138

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The Best Massachusetts Motorcycle Rides

A popular road for motorcycle riding in Boston

Motorcycle rides in Massachusetts are unlike motorcycle rides in any other state! You can enjoy breathtaking scenery, including mountains along Route 119 and woods near Shelburne Falls. You can also stop by amazing museums and outdoor attractions along the Concord to Gloucester Route.

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