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BMW may be best-known for its luxury performance cars, but it made motorcycles before cars with its first bike, the BMW Motorrad brand, released in 1923. BMW has a well-earned following among motorcycle riders its touring bikes. BMW touring motorcycles like the top-selling BMW Motorrad K 1600 GTL deliver comfort and luxury with features that enhance your touring experience. Their high-performance touring bikes deliver roomy, ergonomic seats, impressive horsepower, and even a heating feature for colder rides.

Whether you’re moving with a motorcycle, selling a bike, or planning a big motorcycle trip, it’s important to know the best BMW motorcycle shipping options. Here’s what you should know about BMW motorcycle transport costs and how to ship your motorcycle safely.

Top Reasons for Shipping a BMW Motorcycle

One of the top reasons to ship a BMW motorcycle is to hit the open road. BMW makes some of the best touring motorcycles perfect for long rides and cross-country adventures. Still, that doesn’t mean you necessarily want to do the ride round trip.

You may even be interested in shipping a BMW bike to take part in one of the country’s best motorcycle rallies like Sturgis or Myrtle Beach Bike Week but you don’t want to put the miles on your bike to get there.

Maybe you’re interested in exploring the Great Smoky Mountains with more than 400 miles to ride, or you want to take the Pacific Coast Highway, a magical trip of 1,700 miles along the West Coast with sweeping ocean views, mountain passes, and more. You may even be ready for something truly ambitious: an exciting cross-country motorcycle trip! With a BMW touring bike, a cross-country ride isn’t just possible; it’s actually comfortable.

By shipping your BMW motorcycle, you can make your dream ride a reality with your bike ready to go at your origin, or shipped back home when you reach the end.

You may be buying or selling a BMW motorcycle and need reliable transport. Perhaps you’re shipping your bike to an auction like the Mecum motorcycle auction. Maybe you’re selling a classic BMW motorcycle like the vintage R32 or a pre-Airhead model like the BMW R60, or buying a classic /6 Series or BMW R90S sports touring bike.


Many people also turn to motorcycle shipping when they’re relocating. Do movers move motorcycles? Some do, but it’s always best to work with a dedicated motorcycle transport company to safeguard your BMW bike. Here’s what you should know about moving with a motorcycle.

How to Ship a BMW Motorcycle

You have many options for shipping a BMW bike, but the biggest decision is choosing between open trailer and enclosed transport. With open transport, your bike is strapped to an open-air trailer where it will be exposed to the elements and road debris. This is only advised for short distances and even then, be prepared for possible damage.

Enclosed transport is the best and most secure motorcycle transport option. Your bike will be strapped to a custom pallet or crated and transported in a fully enclosed trailer safe from the elements. This is the best option for shipping a classic motorcycle like a vintage BMW bike or a luxury BMW motorcycle.

Above all else, choose a professional BMW motorcycle shipping company that specializes in motorcycles with the right equipment and techniques.

Ready to learn more? Here’s our ultimateguide to shipping a motorcycle.

Prepping a BMW Motorcycle for Transport

Shipping a touring motorcycle requires a bit of prep to make sure your bike arrives at its destination in perfect condition. We recommend taking the following steps to prepare a BMW motorcycle for shipping:

  • Clean your motorcycle
  • Take pictures of its condition, noting any existing scratches or damage and mechanical issues
  • Remove all loose items, accessories, alarms, and personal items which are not transported with your bike
  • Make sure the tires are properly inflated
  • Have the gas tank at around ¼ tank or less

BMW Motorcycle Shipping Cost

There are many factors that affect your BMW motorcycle transport cost. Factors that are considered include:

  • The total transport distance
  • The origin and destination, and the route itself
  • Whether you use the transport company’s holding or warehouse facilities for pickup/drop-off
  • The type of transport
  • The type and weight of the motorcycle as oversized or heavy bikes cost more
  • Potential fuel surcharges
  • Priority shipping
  • Motorcycle shipping insurance
  • Motorcycle shipping discounts
  • Possible hidden fees or extra charges

As a general rule, motorcycle shipping is most affordable when you are shipping from an urban area and along major transport routes. You may pay anywhere from $0.40 to $1 per mile depending on the origin state, distance, and destination.

You can learn more about transport costs with this guide to motorcycle shipping costs. This guide includes actual costs based on shipments Federal Motorcycle Transport has completed, not vague numbers from pool quotes and multiple transport companies.


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Trust Federal Motorcycle Transport for BMW Motorcycle Shipping

Federal Motorcycle Transport has been a trusted BMW motorcycle transport company for more than 30 years. We take pride in our affordable rates, fast and reliable shipping, and low claims rate with over 5,000 motorcycles shipped every year.

Your bike will be in good hands thanks to our custom pallets, covered transport, and air ride trailers with options like shipment tracking and shipping date customization for your convenience. Over 70% of our business comes from repeat customers and referrals, a testament to our top-notch customer service and dependability.

No matter where your next adventure will take you, Federal Motorcycle Transport is ready to get your BMW bike there without a scratch. Request a free quick quote or give us a call for an accurate quote.

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