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From winding country roads past farms and rolling hills to thrilling rides through the Appalachian Mountains and beautiful fall foliage, Connecticut is a great place for motorcycle riders to explore on two wheels. New England may not have the year-round riding weather of Southern California or the South, but there’s still one motorcycle for every 41 people in Connecticut.

Whether you’re planning a ride in the state, moving, or even selling or buying a bike out of the area, dependable transport is a must. Federal Motorcycle Transport is one of the most trusted motorcycle shippers in Connecticut, with three decades of experience.

Top Reasons for Shipping a Motorcycle in Connecticut

What’s prompting you to consider calling motorcycle movers? For many riders, bike shipping service is a necessity when buying a new bike from an out-of-state dealer or selling a motorcycle to an out-of-state buyer. You may even be selling your bike at an auction like Mecum.

Another common reason for working with motorcycle shipping companies is a one-way or round-trip bike shipping service for a trip. When planning a motorcycle trip, you may find motorcycle transport from Connecticut helpful. You may not be up for a long round trip ride cross-country, but want to cross a dream ride off your bucket list. Shipping your bike to your destination and riding home, or vice versa, can make your dream a reality.

There are many amazing motorcycle rides in Connecticut that should be on your list. One of the most iconic is the Northern Appalachian Mountains ride which spans over 100 miles from Granby to New Milford CT, following part of the Appalachian Trail and winding through Kent Falls State Park and the Tunxis State Forest.

A less challenging but no less scenic ride along the Connecticut coast is another route you won’t want to skip. The trip takes you along the Long Island Sound through bike-friendly towns and Bluff Point State Park.

You may even be planning to attend a motorcycle rally in Connecticut or elsewhere in the country. The option to ship a motorcycle near your destination or home can make an otherwise challenging event possible. This is particularly true for major motorcycle rallies in warmer climates during the chilly off-season in New England.

Connecticut hosts many great motorcycle rallies and events throughout the year. One of the longest-running events is Brit Jam, an annual motorcycle show and swap meet hosted by the British Iron Association of Connecticut. The “Finest Motorcycle Show in Connecticut” will celebrate its 38th year in 2024 at the Haddam Neck Fairgrounds in East Hampton CT.

The annual Hartford CT Harley-Davidson Spring Open House is another much-anticipated event for riders. Test the new models, enjoy great food, and register to win prizes at the open house event. Harley-Davidson of Danbury even hosts an annual ride to the Hartford H-D Spring Open House.

The New London CT Bike Blessing on the Waterfront is another major draw. Celebrating its 14th year, the event offers food trucks, vendors, live music, and more with a drive-through blessing. $10 admission supports local charities like Covenant Shelter of New London.

Moving is another common reason for booking motorcycle transportation. Moving with a motorcycle can be challenging; most moving companies don’t offer vehicle transportation. Those that do typically only transport autos, not motorcycles. Even worse, some may accept a motorcycle for shipment but lack the experience to safely transport your bike.

At Federal Motorcycle Transport, we also offer dependable motorcycle transport services for riders dealing with a breakdown on a ride. Our seamless shipping process makes it easy to get your bike to a trusted shop for repairs.

Connecticut Motorcycle Shipping Services

There are three basic options for transporting a motorcycle: transporting it yourself or shipping it on an open trailer or enclosed trailer.

Transporting a bike yourself in a truck or using open transport may be a good way to save money if you’re shipping a dirt bike or a fixer-upper, but enclosed shipping is a no brainer decision if you want your motorcycle unharmed during transit.

Some other motorcycle shippers give you the option between open and enclosed shipping. At Federal Motorcycle Transport, we only offer enclosed motorcycle transport to protect your bike from the elements.

Open shipping leaves your motorcycle exposed to damage from the elements. If the driver needs to stop, your motorcycle is also vulnerable to theft or vandalism. Enclosed motorcycle transport protects your motorcycle from the elements, road debris, and damage.

Your motorcycle will be carefully lifted onto the truck’s lift gate and strapped to a specialized pallet. This keeps your bike secure during transit and prevents it from moving or falling over. Your motorcycle is inspected at pickup and drop-off – don’t feel rushed when inspecting your bike before signing off on its condition!

With Federal Motorcycle Transport, you can keep track of your motorcycle with regular tracking updates.

Federal Motorcycle Transport – the Most Trusted Motorcycle Shippers in Connecticut

When you need to ship your motorcycle in the U.S., Federal Motorcycle Transport makes it easy and worry-free. Unlike some other motorcycle shippers, we only offer closed transport because it’s the only motorcycle transportation that ensures your bike arrives at the right place in perfect condition. We take great pride in our thorough process to protect every motorcycle in transit.

We’re one of the only motorcycle shipping companies in Connecticut that handles bikes exclusively – no cars or other vehicles. This specialization means you get the high-quality shipping service you expect.

  • Every motorcycle shipped with care
  • Specialized motorcycle pallets & enclosed transport
  • 30+ years of experience
  • Competitive rates
  • 70% of business from repeat customers & referrals
  • Ultra-low claims rate
  • Extensive network of warehouses + door to door shipping options

Motorcycle Brands We Ship | Our CT Motorcycle Transport Locations

We ship all types of motorcycles, from electric dirt bikes, touring motorcycles, and sport bikes to antique and vintage motorcycles. Federal Motorcycle Transport has decades of experience transporting all brands of motorcycles:

Federal Motorcycle Transport offers door to door service, shipment to or from a terminal or warehouse, or transport to or from a business or body shop. Shipping a bike to one of our warehouse locations is the most convenient option: drop off or pick up your motorcycle at your convenience without worrying about a delivery window.

We have one terminal in Connecticut in New Britain CT. Our warehouse is strategically close to major cities in Connecticut: it’s just 12 miles outside Hartford CT, the capital city, and 30 miles north of New Haven.

Image: Kenneth C. Zirkel – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

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Federal Motorcycle Transport is the Connecticut motorcycle shipping company you can trust for the most competitive rates without sacrificing quality and safety. We’re ready to add you to our list of satisfied customers and deliver the dependable service you expect.

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Connecticut Motorcycle Transport FAQs

How Should I Prep My Motorcycle for Transport?

Preparing for motorcycle shipping services is simple! We ask that you unlock your bike, empty the gas tank, and remove accessories. Cleaning the bike is a good idea to make inspections easier. Do not ship motorcycle accessories, keys, or the title!

Here’s additional motorcycle shipping information to help you prepare.

How Much Do Connecticut Motorcycle Transport Companies Cost?

The cost of motorcycle transport to or from Connecticut will depend on factors like the mileage, destination, route, whether you have a heavy or oversized bike, and whether you need express service.

Federal Motorcycle Transport strives to always deliver the best price possible for your shipment. We can help you explore ways to save money without sacrificing the safety of your shipment. You may also qualify for a discount!

Our complete guide to motorcycle shipping costs can help you better understand what to expect.

What Is the Best Way to Ship a Motorcycle in Connecticut?

Enclosed transport on a truck is the best shipping option for a motorcycle. Crated shipping is also recommended for long-distance motorcycle shipping. Open transport is generally only recommended for inexpensive motorcycles or short distances.

Is Lane Splitting Legal in CT?

Lane splitting is not legal in Connecticut. CGS § 14-289b prohibits lane splitting or riding between lanes of traffic. It also prohibits more than two motorcycles from riding abreast in a single lane.

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