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Last Updated on: 14th April 2023, 03:49 pm

If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, Florida is the state to be at! Second only to California in number of registered motorcycles, 597,499 motorcycles to be exact, and plenty of popular routes to travel, it’s no wonder why so many riders decide to make their home in the Sunshine State!

Moving to Florida, returning from a bike trip, headed to a bike rally, or just planning to cruise the state? Here at Federal Transport, we can cover any kind of Florida motorcycle shipping job you’ve got, with affordable rates and great service to boot!

Reasons to Ship Your Motorcycle to Florida

With wonderful weather, stunning attractions, and the beautiful natural landscapes of the Florida wetlands many bikers decide to make their homes here. Exploring this great state is one of the many reasons to ship a bike to Florida!

If you’re planning on shipping your motorcycle to Miami, then the Miami to Mile Zero trail is a must-ride. Going from Miami to the southernmost point of the United States, at the very beginning of the US1 interstate highway. This route takes you through the Southern Everglades and Key Largo, with plenty of great sights to see and lots of excellent stops, especially if you love seafood!

Everybody who’s lived here long enough knows that Florida isn’t just everglades, beaches, and sunshine. If you’re interested in seeing some of Florida’s stunning tropical forests, take a look at the Ocala National Forest route! Starting in Palatka and ending in Altoona, this forty-five mile route will let you see the alien and intriguing natural landscape of the Ocala swamps, and it’s a nice way to get some shade too!

Thinking about attending about shipping your bike to attend one of Florida’s many motorcycle events? Events like the Dream Ride Experience, which travels from Florida all the way to Connecticut for charity, and the Music & Motorcycles in Zephyrhills event, which features live bands and a ride-in bike show with prizes, are hot spots for any bike enthusiast in the nation!

Even if you’re not planning on riding these routes or attending these exciting events, you should ship your bike with Federal Motorcycle Transport regardless! It might seem like a good idea to ride your bike to Florida if you’re relocating there, but this can put a lot of wear and tear on your valuable vehicle and can take lots of time. With Federal, your bike is kept safe from the elements, and speedily transported to wherever you need it!

Trust Federal Transport to Ship Your Bike to Florida

Your motorcycle is an expensive, complicated piece of machinery that can easily be irreparably damaged if handled improperly. That’s why you shouldn’t let just anyone handle your bike, but experienced and trained professionals. Luckily for you, that’s just what we have here at Federal Motorcycle Transport!

Serving the local community for over thirty years, Federal Transport is a highly-rated Florida motorcycle shipping company that can handle any and all kinds of bike transport jobs! We also offer special discounts for American Motorcyclist Association and H.O.G. members! We serve 2,000 customers a year, with 70% of those being repeat and referred customers!

Our excellent shipping teams know how to keep your bike secure. From proper securing procedures to the latest and best motorcycle trailers, rest assured your bike will arrive where you need it in pristine condition!

Wondering about the cost of shipping a motorcycle to FL? Cost of shipping is dependent on numerous factors, including the distance between the starting point and destination as well as any specials or deals. You can generally expect to pay a couple of hundred dollars per thousand miles covered.

Brands Shipped to Florida | FL Motorcycle Shipping Locations

Federal Transport can ship any brand of motorcycle you can think of! From Harley Davidson to BMW, to Yamaha, we ship cruisers, sport and off-road bikes, standard motorcycles, and more!

Planning on shipping your precious motorcycle to Florida from California, Texas, Ohio, New York, or any other state? You’ll be glad to know that Federal Motorcycle Transport has bike shipping facilities in states all over America!

Common Questions About Motorcycle Shipping to Florida

What is the best way to ship a motorcycle to Florida?

Make sure you only entrust your vehicle to a company with the proper procedures in place to ensure your bike transported quickly and safely.

How should I prepare my motorcycle for being transported to Florida?

Make sure you remove any personal items and accessories, unlock the steering assembly, remove the keys, and ensure your tires are inflated. Our expert team will do the rest!

How is my motorcycle transported to Florida?

Our experienced crew will securely fasten your motorcycle upright onto a pallet in one of our state-of-the-art trailers, designed to shelter your bike from rain and other assorted weather during transit. 

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