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Last Updated on: 14th April 2023, 03:33 pm

From the picturesque rolling hills to the endless miles of farmland to the renowned city streets of Chicago, Illinois is easily one of the top states to own a motorcycle. The “Prairie State” of Illinois is home to over 335,750 registered motorcycles that get to cruise along the land’s lush forests during the pleasant spring, summer, and autumn weather. To put it into perspective, there is 1 motorcycle for every 38 people in Illinois which proves to be the 7th highest number in the country.

Why might someone want to ship a motorcycle to or from Illinois? You might be shipping your bike to Illinois to show it off at one of the state’s numerous top-rated motorcycle rallies. Or maybe you’re moving with a motorcycle to the state and need reliable Illinois motorcycle transport. Or perhaps you want to take advantage of the endless options of scenic Midwestern motorcycle rides that the state has to offer. Whatever the motive may be, you can rely on Federal Motorcycle transport to satisfy your motorcycle transport needs by providing reliable motorcycle shipping services.

Reasons to Ship a Motorcycle in Illinois | Shipping a Motorcycle to/from IL

There are numerous reasons why our customers need us to ship their motorcycles to and from Illinois. This includes motorcycle purchasing and selling, relocation, destination rides, and one-way and round-trip transportation. Let’s dive into the most common reasons why you might consider hiring dependable motorcycle shippers in Illinois.

Are you planning for a motorcycle ride or trip and need to ship a motorcycle from Illinois? In this case, you’ve already committed to a long journey, so it’s understandable that you may not want to take on an entire round-trip. This is a big time-saver in case you’re in a time crunch.

Many breathtaking rides within Illinois bring in motorcyclists from all over, one of which is the notable Great River Road. This national scenic byway stretches along the Mississippi River and boasts remarkable views, caves, bluffs, wetlands, and farms. Another popular motive that motorcyclists ship their motorcycles to or from IL is to ride along the iconic Rock River Run. This 320-mile road passes through both Illinois and Wisconsin while offering sights of incredible rock formations, ravines, and even historical stops.

There are many rallies scattered throughout the state that attract thousands of visitors each year. Want to ship a bike to Illinois for a motorcycle rally? One of the most notable is the adults-only Hogrock River Rally which takes place in June and October in Cave-in-Rock, IL. For nearly three decades, Hogrock has been one of the largest and best motorcycle events in the country. This well-known rally features bands, entertainment, contests, vendors, field events, helicopter rides, and much more.

To attend a rally, many cyclists living in Illinois choose to ship their motorbikes out of state during these cold months. Another reason to transport your motorcycle out of Illinois is if you simply sold it to someone. Or perhaps your motorcycle license just came in the mail, and so you’ve picked out the perfect used motorcycle to purchase – now it’s just a matter of getting it from point A to point B.

Relocating to or from Illinois? If so, arranging a way for your bike to arrive at your new residence will be necessary. Whether you’re buying a house in the harmonious countryside or renting an apartment in a bustling and bright city like Chicago, Federal Motorcycle Transport is here to give you a smooth motorcycle shipping experience.

Dependable Illinois Motorcycle Shipping Services with Federal Motorcycle Transport

For over 30 years, Federal Motorcycle Transport has remained the most dependable Illinois motorcycle transport company for thousands of clients. Thanks to our fast and reliable services, over 5,000 motorcycles have been transported to and from Illinois and the rest of the U.S. Our personalizable services boast flawless customer care, low claims rate, on-time delivery, and supreme protection for your motorcycle. Major motorcycle groups like AMA and HOG repeatedly choose us and refer to us as their exclusive motorcycle transport company, which makes up 70% of our business.

There’s a lot of expertise and experience that goes into safely shipping a motorcycle. If the company you choose lacks the proper training and equipment, your precious cycle may run the risk of becoming scratched, chipped, and even damaged. At Federal Motorcycle Transport, we have all the skills and tools necessary to make the transfer as smooth as possible. Our team will ensure your motorbike is safely secured into a custom pallet, professionally loaded into the covered transport vehicle, and seamlessly transported to your desired location while being tracked.

Motorcycle Brands We Ship to/from Illinois | IL Motorcycle Shipping Locations

Whether you need to ship a sport bike, touring bike, dirt bike, cruiser, or antique motorcycle, we’ve got you covered.

We efficiently and safely transport all motorcycle brands. A few of the top brands include:

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of shipping your motorcycle to a business or residence, our warehouse locations are here to serve you. We’ll handle your bike with the utmost care and protection so that it’s in spotless condition when you come to pick it up.

Here are a few of our warehouse locations in and near Illinois:

  • Romeoville, IL — 30 miles from Chicago, IL
  • Earth City, MO — 21 miles from St. Louis, MO

IL Motorcycle Transport FAQs

How much does it cost to ship a motorcycle from Illinois?

Curious about motorcycle shipping costs? Several determining factors go into the final price tag, including the route, origin, destination, and usage of our warehouse.

How should I prepare my bike for shipping?

There are plenty of useful motorcycle shipping tips that can help make the process smoother and quicker. Before your bike’s journey, you should:

  • Make sure that the steering wheel is unlocked
  • Disable your bike’s alarm system
  • Ensure the gas tank is no more than 25% full
  • Keep with you your accessories, helmet, and keys
  • Check that the tires are not flat
  • Give your bike a clean and empty the saddlebags
  • Arrange the mailing of your bike’s paperwork and title

What is the best way to ship a motorcycle in Illinois?

The best method for shipping a motorcycle is via enclosed transport or a trusted, dedicated motorcycle shipping company. The most affordable option is enclosed transport. However, if the safety of your motorcycle is the priority, it is wise to hire a professional motorcycle shipping company.

You can read our guide on how to ship a motorcycle for more information.

Whether you’re dreaming of driving your motorcycle along the charming Illinois landscapes or you’re shipping your bike from Illinois to another state, Federal Motorcycle Transport is here to make the transporting process a walk in the park! You can get started by completing the form for a free motorcycle transport quote!


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