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Janus Motorcycles | 🎯 ULTIMATE Guide to Janus Motorcycles

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Named after the Roman god of time, Janus motorcycles are designed to remember the past while looking to the future. This revolutionary company has brought back many aspects that made classic motorcycles so popular while also bringing their own signature flair to the industry.

Produced with joy rides in mind, people who choose motorcycles made by Janus are sure to fall in love with what they have to offer. These bikes specialize in traversing everything from winding roads to city streets. The style of Janus motorcycles has been referred to as vintage, classic, and retro.

If you’ve been thinking about buying a new Janus motorcycle, this complete guide is the perfect place to start! Get a closer look at the background of this young company, the models they have created so far, how much you can expect to pay for a Janus, and more.

History of Janus Motorcycles

Started in 2011 by American co-founders Devin Biek and Richard Worsham, Janus Motorcycles has been growing rapidly for nearly a decade. The two of them began the journey to starting the motorcycle brand by first repairing and restoring mopeds as part of a previous business. Their manufacturing and sales site located in the small city of Goshen, IN rolled its first motorcycle off the lot in 2013. Janus truly is an Indiana motorcycle company.

Biek and Worsham founded Janus Motorcycles because of their keen interest in small, displaced bikes that are lightweight and easy to ride. Their time in the moped industry led to strong vendor relationships that have blossomed into partnerships as they create new motorcycles.


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While the company is still fairly small with about 9 total employees, it is seeing relevant growth in the specific style and type of bikes they produce.

Even with this growth, Janus Motorcycles continues to provide the personal touch that isn’t seen from most other companies out there.

The Three Janus Models

While they started off their production with the original Halcyon model, the team at Janus Motorcycles has since added two more options into the mix. As small motorcycles, they are all designed for an enjoyable experience rather than for size or specification.

Each one is made with care to ensure the highest quality is achieved, providing value to the owner for years to come. Janus motorcycle specs depend on each model.

Halcyon 250

The very first model created by Janus was known as the Halcyon 50. It had a small, 50cc two-stroke engine that allowed for about 10 horsepower. This allowed it to reach a maximum speed of about 55 mph at most.

It came standard with a 6-speed gearbox, a low tank, and wide-set handlebars. Only a handful of upgrades were available at the time such as saddlebags. Nearly all components of these first models were made within a few miles of the shop in Goshen.


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A few years later in 2015, the team at Janus upgraded to the modern version of the Halcyon, which has a 250cc four-stroke engine. The boosted engine also came with a newly designed frame style to accommodate the change. It has about 14 horsepower and can reach speeds up to 70 mph.

Phoenix 250

At the same time that they upgraded the Halcyon, Janus also came out with a new model which they named the Phoenix 250. It was produced to have a sportier look and full suspension similar to classic Dunstall motorcycles. With a racer seat and grand-prix lines, it has attracted riders who want a more modern style.

Gryffin 250

A couple of years later in 2017, Janus then added the Gryffin 250 to the mix. This model was made to have off-road capabilities, giving it a more rugged and tough look. But similar to the Halcyon and Phoenix, it still possesses the standard double-cradle frame.

Where Janus Motorcycles Are Made

Wondering who makes Janus motorcycles? Every single bike they sell is manufactured by hand on-site at their location in Goshen, IN. The team is able to produce their motorcycles in anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks after it has been ordered.

Each one is custom made to order with the precise customizations, colors, and other specifications requested by the buyer. A few of the customizations Janus motorcycles offer include:

Janus Motorcycle Custom Options

  • Leather Saddlebags
  • Book Racks
  • Pillion Seat & Pegs
  • Deluxe Fuel Tank
  • Polished Stainless Exhaust
  • Hand-painted Number Plate
  • Second Mirror
  • LED Headlights
  • And more

What engine do Janus motorcycles use?

While the frame and most other components are manufactured in the United States, the engine is one of the few pieces that is produced internationally. Their 250cc four-stroke engines are created and shipped from China. Their reasoning has been due to previous struggles with getting other engines to pass EPA regulations.

After thorough EPA testing, all Janus motorcycles are expected to get 70+ mpg fuel economy. With a few personal tests, the team at Janus has cleared this up a bit by saying it is usually closer to 50 – 60 mpg.

How Much Do Janus Motorcycles Cost?

One of the main things customers want to know is about the Janus motorcycles price. The final number depends on the bike you choose, the customizations that are added, and whether you decide to pick it up in person or have it shipped.

The pricing for all three Janus motorcycle models starts at $6,995. From there, you can decide what extras you want to add such as saddlebags, an upgraded exhaust, or an extra seat. To give you a range of what you can expect to pay, we can take a look at the difference between a stock bike and one with all the bells and whistles.

How much are Janus motorcycles? While a stock bike with no upgrades will cost $6,995 to purchase, a fully loaded Janus can reach a price point of around $10,820.

On top of your final price for the motorcycle, you’ll also want to consider how you’d like to receive it. Buyers have the option to pick up the bike at the Janus location in Goshen, IN or to have the motorcycle shipped directly to their driveway. Their charge for shipping to anywhere in the United States is $700.

Janus Motorcycle Expert Reviews

Curious what other people have had to say about Janus motorcycles? They’ve received a wide variety of positive reviews for their top-quality bikes, earning them a strong reputation among their fans.


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One example came from The New York Times who commented on the classic look of Janus bikes saying they make “motorcycles with one foot in the future and one in the past.”

Revzilla said their “overall impression of both motorcycles was they are a blast to ride.”

But one of the most fitting motorcycles reviews for Janus came from Good Spark Garage who said, “A bike that conjures up the joy of motorcycling isn’t the sharply-aerodynamic, grossly-overpowered modern motorcycle; it’s a bike like the pared-down Halcyon or Phoenix that creates an experience for the rider, an evocation of a simpler time.”

Janus Gryffin 250 Video Review by Mitch Myers

Jay Leno’s Garage Features Janus

Jay Leno, on his popular show Jay Leno’s Garage, featured both co-founders of Janus in his Burbank film studio. Each of the three Janus models is featured in the video.

Test Drive a Janus at Discovery Days

A few times per year the team at Janus hosts an event they call Discovery Days where people from all over the country can visit them in Goshen, IN and learn more about their motorcycles. This gives interested parties the chance to meet the owners, see these bikes in person, and even test drive one of their custom Janus models.

Dates and times can be found on their Discovery Days page. Since these get-togethers are limited to only 15 people, attendees must register for the event, select their date, and pay a $20 fee.

Does a Janus Motorcycle Sound Like the Ride for You?

Anyone interested in buying a Janus motorcycle can build and order their customized bike online. The process is smooth and simple, making it an easy step to getting you on the road in as little as two to three months. Janus even offers extra gear in their online shop such as riding gloves, jackets, helmets, bags, posters, branded apparel, and other accessories.

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