Oregon Motorcycle Rides 7 Best Motorcycle Rides in Oregon

Oregon Motorcycle Rides | 7 Best Motorcycle Rides in Oregon

Last Updated on: 26th December 2023, 12:06 pm

The Beaver State is the best state for motorcycle riders! Nearly 130,000 Oregon residents are registered motorcyclists, and they create a vibrant motorcycle culture with dozens of rallies, clubs, and motorcycle rides in all parts of the state.

However, the sheer number of Oregon motorcycle rides can make it hard to find the best rides for you. You should do a deep dive and compare your options for motorcycle rides in Oregon, examining urban and rural rides alike. Here is your guide on the best motorcycle rides in Oregon.

Hells Canyon (22 Miles) | Challenging Oregon Motorcycle Ride Through River Gorges and Valleys

Hells Canyon is a ten-mile-wide canyon on the border between Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. Hells Canyon is the deepest river gorge in North America and offers breathtaking views of the Snake River and surrounding forests. It’s one of the most popular Oregon motorcycle rides, in part due to the Hells Canyon Motorcycle Rally. The rally attracts thousands of motorcyclists every year and includes three nights of live entertainment. You can go on several Hells Canyon motorcycle rally routes, some of which stop at other locations like Baker City.

You can take a few different Hells Canyon motorcycle routes, though the most popular route is the Devil’s Tail. The Devil’s Tail motorcycle ride starts in Oxbow, Oregon, takes you across the Snake River into Idaho, and ends in Hells Canyon. The Devil’s Tail road is very windy, which can make it difficult for beginners, but it provides scenic views of the canyon as well as the Hells Canyon Dam.

The Devil’s Tail Road also ends near the Hells Canyon Visitor Center, so you can get snacks and use the bathroom once you’re done riding. The Devil’s Tail motorcycle ride is 22 miles long one-way, so you can ride and then go hiking or enjoy the other features at Hells Canyon National Park. It’s one of the best scenic motorcycle rides in the Pacific Northwest for experienced riders, thanks to its short length and incredible views.

Little Dragon (14 Miles) | High-Elevation Motorcycle Ride in Oregon With Scenic Views of Forests

The Little Dragon is on Oregon State Route 245 (also known as Dooley Mountain Highway), a 38-mile rural highway that runs between Unity, Oregon, and Baker School District, Oregon. State Route 245 is a little-used road, so you won’t encounter too much traffic while riding. You can enjoy beautiful views of rolling hills, quaint farm buildings, and tall pine trees, making it one of the best scenic motorcycle rides in the Pacific Northwest.

The Little Dragon is a 14-mile section of the road that contains 188 corners rated between 10 and 25 miles per hour. It starts in a valley and takes you 5,400 feet up the side of the mountain, meaning it can be a challenging route even for experienced motorcyclists. But while riding, you will see incredible thick pine forests with moose and deer, giving you great opportunities for photography and wildlife observation.

Unity is a very small town, but it contains the Burnt River Market, a convenience store where you can get food and drinks before your ride. The northern tip of Dooley Mountain Highway is roughly 10 miles south of Baker City, so after you’re done riding, you can travel to the city for additional attractions.

Mount Hood (105 Miles) | Smooth Motorcycle Ride Through National Forests and Near Active Volcanoes

Mount Hood is the highest mountain in Oregon, with an elevation of 11,249 feet. It is located inside Mount Hood National Forest, which covers over one million acres and contains 170 recreation sites. After you’re done with Mount Hood motorcycle rides in Oregon, you can spend weeks inside the park hiking, boating, fishing, and hunting.

You can take a few routes, though no routes lead up or down Mt Hood. The most popular route is the Mount Hood Scenic Byway, which is 105 miles long one-way. The byway starts in Hood River, a small city along the Hood River with restaurants and top opportunities for water activities, including kayaking. The byway then goes south through the Hood River Valley. You can see Mt Hood in the distance as well as numerous farms with lush apple, cherry, and pear trees. You can stop at farms to get fresh vegetables and produce, making the byway one of the best motorcycle rides in Oregon for foodies.

The route then goes west toward Mt Hood, giving you a direct and close view of the mountain. You will ride through Government Camp, a tourist hub with attractions like Mt Hood Skibowl Adventure Park and Mt Hood Center. After Government Camp, you will travel downhill through Sandy, Oregon, and into Gresham and Troutdale. The elevation changes are subtle and smooth, so even beginners can enjoy the Mount Hood Scenic Byway.

Oregon Coast (362 Miles) | Best Motorcycle Ride in Oregon for Small Towns and Beaches

The Oregon Coast covers over 350 miles and includes beaches, nature preserves, and other outdoor attractions. While riding an Oregon Coast motorcycle route, you can stop at small towns and large cities, enjoying both kid-friendly and adult activities and restaurants.

You can take several routes along the Oregon Coast. US Route 101 (also known as the Oregon Coast Highway or the Pacific Coast Scenic Byway) runs the entire length of the Oregon Coast. The Oregon Coast Highway is well-paved, smooth, and contains ample signage so you always know where you are and where you’re going, making it one of the top Oregon motorcycle roads for beginners.

You may be able to complete the route in a day, but most motorcyclists turn the route into a multi-day road trip. The motorcycle Oregon Coast route runs through or near various major cities and towns, including Astoria, Manzanita, and Cape Lookout. You may want to start planning a motorcycle trip on the Oregon Coast a few days in advance, so you visit everything you want to see.

If you just want a one-day Oregon Coast motorcycle ride, you can ride the 55.8-mile stretch between Depoe Bay and Tillamook. The stretch contains only a few small towns and no major attractions, so you can focus on riding your motorcycle. The ride is mostly smooth and takes you through pristine wooded areas and nature preserves, making it one of the best motorcycle rides in the Pacific Northwest for outdoor enthusiasts.

Crater Lake (86 Miles) | Easy One-Day Motorcycle Ride to a Top Lake and National Park

Crater Lake is well known for its deep blue and clear water and for being the deepest lake in the United States. It is the center point of Crater Lake National Park, which contains campgrounds and hiking trails located near unique craters, mountains, and wildlife habitats.

The most popular Crater Lake motorcycle route is Oregon Route 138 (also known as Rogue Umpqua Scenic Byway). The route starts in Roseburg and goes through Umpqua National Forest before ending in Crater Lake National Park. It covers 85.7 miles and is a smooth ride with minimal traffic. The Crater Lake route goes along the Umpqua River, and you can see roaring rapids and fish swimming in the water from the road. The road has many wide spots, so you can stop and take photos of the woods or rest for a moment before continuing. There are no gas stations along the route, but you can gas up in Roseburg and get food at several locations inside Crater Lake National Park.

Columbia River (156 Miles) | Best Scenic Motorcycle Ride in Pacific Northwest for River and Waterfall Views

The Columbia River is the largest river in the Pacific Northwest region and is the best location for fishing, boating, and swimming in the state. It forms much of the northern border of Oregon, so if you’re interested in northern Oregon motorcycle rides, you should ride along the river. You can also find some of the biggest cities in Oregon near or along the Columbia River, including Portland, so Columbia River roads are some of the best Oregon motorcycle roads for people who like cities.

If you want a long Columbia River motorcycle route, you can ride between Portland and Boardman Oregon, using Interstate 84. The route covers roughly 156 miles and stays close to the river for nearly the entire journey, giving you perfect views of the water and fish habitats. You can stop along the way in various small towns or go to attractions like Deschutes River State Recreation Area, the Hood River Train, and Columbia Gorge Discovery Center, making it one of the best Oregon motorcycle adventures for people who want urban and rural attractions. Interstate 84 has some modest hills and turns, so it’s a moderately challenging ride that most motorcyclists can enjoy. It can have a lot of traffic, so avoid riding during rush hour.

If you want a shorter route, you can ride along the Columbia River Gorge between Troutdale and Dobson. The Columbia River Gorge has nearly 100 waterfalls, including Multnomah Falls, the tallest waterfall in the state. You can stop at the waterfalls and enjoy views you can find nowhere else. This ride is just 19 miles long, so you can complete it in an hour and then enjoy other attractions.

Oregon Outback (171 Miles) | Best Motorcycle Ride in Central Oregon

The Oregon Outback is a high desert basin in southern and central Oregon. If you’re looking for scenic central Oregon motorcycle rides, you should try exploring the Oregon Outback. The area contains untouched mountains, lakes, and valleys full of wild plants, including sagebrush. It’s one of the best places in Oregon for flower collecting and plant photography.

The Oregon Outback Scenic Byway is the most notable motorcycle ride in the Oregon Outback. It covers 171 miles between Lapine, Oregon, and the Goose Lake State Recreation Area on the Oregon-California border. The byway includes stretches on Route 31 East and Highway 395, each of which are well-paved Oregon motorcycle roads with signage, so you will have a smooth and easy journey.

While riding two of the best motorcycle roads in Oregon, you will enjoy great views of valleys, trees, plants, and animals in their natural habitats. The byway has very few stops, so you should fill your gas tank before you head out.

Motorcycle rides in Oregon give you unparalleled scenic views and access to top outdoor attractions! If you love mountains, you should try out the Mount Hood Scenic Byway. If you love water, you should ride Oregon Route 138 and the Columbia River Gorge.

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