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With its rolling hills, wide open landscapes, and comfortable climate, it is no secret that Texas is one of the best states for riding a motorcycle. Texas is the 2nd-biggest state in the country, and there are plenty of amazing opportunities for motorcyclists of all skill levels. When it comes to motorcycle rides in Texas, there is something for everyone.

Whether you are heading to the Lone Star State for one of the many Texas bike rallies, or you are just visiting the area, there are many rides worth checking out. These are just a few of the best motorcycle rides in Texas.

The Lizard’s Tail | Short Motorcycle Ride in Texas With Sharp Twists and Turns

Located just outside of Fort Worth, The Lizard’s Tail is one of the most popular motorcycle trails in Texas. This one-way ride is about 30 miles long and takes a little over an hour to complete. Although this is a quick ride, it can be a bit tricky. There are many twists and turns along the way, and you will be on a one-lane road the entire time.


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During this trip, there are limited stops, and traffic isn’t usually too congested. When you make it to the intersection of Silver Creek and N. Las Vegas Trail, you can stop for a bit to enjoy a bite to eat at La Pasadita, Chicken Express, or El Tequilas Mexican. As you cruise a bit further, you’ll understand why this is one of the best Texas motorcycle rides. The stunning views along Lake Worth make the entire trip worth it. You can make a stop at Camp Joy Park to get a good look at the beautiful surroundings. After you are done enjoying the scenery, you can head back toward Casino Beach to wrap up your adventure.

Dinosaur Valley Park | One of the Best Motorcycle Rides in East Texas

If you are searching for East Texas motorcycle rides, then look no further than Dinosaur Valley Park. This 90-mile ride kicks off from the 35E in Carrollton and ends in Dinosaur Valley Park. The ride takes you through Mansfield and Keene, where you can enjoy attractions such as Elmer W Oliver Nature Park, Hawaiian Falls Mansfield, and Elisa Carver Park. This ride is not particularly challenging, and you will be on smoothly paved roads nearly the whole way. There is some highway driving involved, so make sure you stay alert at all times and are aware of the motorcycle laws in Texas.

Once you make it to Dinosaur Valley Park, make sure you do some exploring. If you want to enter the state park, you will need to be prepared to pay the entrance fee of $8. In this park, you are able to picnic, hike, mountain bike, swim, and fish in the river. You may even be able to spot some dinosaur tracks in the mud! This park also offers camping options if you would like to stay the night. You can also head into the nearby city of Glen Rose and grab a bite to eat at top-rated restaurants such as La Vita Italian Restaurant, Los Primos Mexican Restaurant and Cantina, and Hammond’s BBQ.

Good Ol’ Texas Loop | Texas Hill Country Motorcycle Ride With Scenic Views

When it comes to Texas Hill Country motorcycle rides, the Good Ol’ Texas Loop is at the top of the list. This motorcycle ride in Texas is about 150 miles and will take a few hours to complete. You will start this ride in Bandera, Texas, and head west on Route 16. You will pass through the town of Tarpley, where you can grab a bite to eat at Mac & Ernie’s Roadside Eatery. This route is unlike anything else, and you will see oak-covered hills, crystal clear lakes, and beautiful maple tree groves. If you are traveling in the spring, you might even see some beautiful Texas wildflowers.


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This is one of the many Hill Country motorcycle rides that ends in Fredericksburg, TX. This cozy town has many delicious restaurants and fun attractions, such as Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park and the Fredericksburg Nature Center. If you want to stay the night before heading out, there are many hotels nearby, like the Fredericksburg Inn & Suites and Blue Bungalow. Although this ride is not challenging, it is long, so you will want to make sure to take adequate rest along the way.

North Dallas Twistys | One of the Best North Texas Motorcycle Rides

The North Dallas Twistys is one of the most exciting Texas motorcycle rides. This Texas motorcycle ride is a favorite among technical riders. It is a well-paved road that starts straight before quickly turning into a twisty and curvy ride. The ride is just over 48 miles long and will take you through Highway 75 and Route 543. Even though this short ride is just under 50 miles long, it will take you one to two hours to complete due to the windy roads that require you to slow your speed at times. The road is typically in good condition; however, make sure you look out for debris that may have fallen into the road after particularly windy or rainy conditions.

This ride starts in Denton, TX. If you head out around breakfast time, then stop by Chestnut Tree Bistro or West Oak Coffee Bar before you begin your journey. As you make your journey toward McKinney, you’ll ride through cute Texas towns, over bridges, and across wide open fields. Make sure you gas up before you leave, as there are not many places to fuel up along the way. This ride ends in McKinney, which is a historic town with many fun things to do. Downtown McKinney hosts many fun events throughout the year, so you may want to plan your trip accordingly.


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Texas Pig Path Ride | Beautiful Ride With Many Historic Sites Along the Way

The Texas Pig Path Ride is one of the most famous Texas Hill Country motorcycle routes. Of all of the motorcycle roads in Texas, this is one of the most historic. Along the route, you will notice several historic markers that will provide you with information on the history of the area. This ride is 60 miles long and takes you through Texas ranch country in Comfort, Texas. You will ride along Turtle Creek to Guadalupe River, which offers stunning views of the water. This route also offers a few tree tunnels and low-water crossings. It is important to keep in mind that there are not many pull-off areas along this route.

This is one of the best Texas motorcycle roads for beginners. The roads along this route are very well paved and you won’t encounter too many twists and turns. You will start this ride at the Quiet Valley Ranch just south of Kerrville on TX 16. You will find many camping opportunities in this area, so this is a perfect route for those who want to head out on the road after a night of camping. You’ll end up in Luckenbach, Texas. This town is known for its German-Texan heritage, so make sure you stop by Rathskellar Bistro for some incredible German and American fare.

Possum Kingdom Lake Ride | One of the Most Popular Dallas Motorcycle Rides

The Possum Kingdom Lake Ride takes you along some of the best motorcycle routes in Texas. This full-day ride is over 300 miles long and starts just 60 miles west of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Many people turn Possum Kingdom Lake into a multi-day Texas motorcycle ride, as there are so many amazing stops to make along the way. You will start in Granbury and head north through Santo, which is a very mountainous area (at least by Texas standards). Along this route, you will enjoy incredible lake and cliff views that you won’t get anywhere else in the state of Texas.


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There are many small towns and gas stations along the way. You’ll pass through the city of Mineral Wells, where you can stop at Lake Mineral Wells State Park. This park is home to some of the best walking trails in the state, as well as mineral-rich waters for swimming. You will also want to make sure to stop by the Vintage Grill and Car Museum in Weatherford. This ride is smooth and easy and is a great option for a group motorcycle ride due to the wide roads and many stops along the way.

The Twisted Sisters | Famous Motorcycle Ride in Texas With Challenging Roads

The Twisted Sisters is made up of some of the best motorcycle roads in Texas for thrill-seekers. The term “Twisted Sisters” refers to the three state highways that you will travel along this Texas motorcycle ride: TX 335, TX 336, and TX 337. As you travel along this 100-mile loop, you will encounter canyons and steep, jagged hills. There are many tight curves along the way, with one 15-mile section consisting of nearly 65 curves! This ride is recommended for experienced riders, as there are many steep drop-offs without guardrails.

When it comes to Texas motorcycle routes, The Twisted Sisters is one of the best. During your ride, you will want to make pit stops at eateries such as Casa Falcon Restaurant and Keese’s Barbeque. You can also check out the Lone Star Motorcycle Museum or the Frio Canyon Motorcycle Stop. This route typically takes about 2 to 3 hours to complete, although it can easily be less or more depending on how many stops you make.

All of these motorcycle rides in Texas are a must-see for any motorcycle rider in the area. Federal Motorcycle Transport is the best Texas motorcycle shipping company and is ready to help you get your bike to and from the Lone Star State. Whether you want to ship your bike to the state for a ride or explore Texas before shipping your cycle home, we’ve got you covered.

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