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With long stretches of open highway and scenic views of the many local mountain ranges, New Hampshire is an excellent place for a motorcycle ride. New Hampshire has one motorcycle per 16 residents, which is more bikes per capita than anywhere in the United States except for Montana. From the Kancamagus Highway to the Sea Coast Highway, there are many great places to ride your motorcycle in New Hampshire.

Looking to enjoy all the winding trails and scenic wilderness of the Granite State but live in another part of the country? Or perhaps you’re a New Hampshire native looking to travel out of town to a rally? Whatever your travel plans, Fun Transport is happy to help with all your New Hampshire Motorcycle transport needs. Our dependable New Hampshire motorcycle shipping services will ensure your bike arrives on time without any damage.

Reasons to Ship a Motorcycle in New Hampshire | Shipping to/from New Hampshire

Customers trust us for motorcycle shipping in New Hampshire for several reasons. Maybe you’ve heard all the fantastic things about riding in New Hampshire and want to see it firsthand, but you live in a different part of the country. New Hampshire is full of iconic drive locations that bikers travel all over the country to experience. One of the most famous rides is the Kangamangus Highway, the highest-altitude highway in the Northeast, which begins about 60 miles north of Concord and passes through the White Mountains.


Another great location to check out is Mount Washington Auto Road, a scenic highway with spectacular views from the highest peak in the northeast. Or you can check out the Seacoast Highway, a state route that runs along the Massachusetts/New Hampshire shoreline to Portsmouth. You might also want to attend the Laconia Motorcycle Week in June, the oldest motorcycle rally in the country. 

Wherever you plan your ride, you’ll want to secure reliable motorcycle transport in New Hampshire. Our team of trained professionals will gladly retrieve your vehicle from your current location and transport it to New Hampshire without any delays or hassles.

Or perhaps you live in New Hampshire but want to get out and experience a cross country motorcycle trip. We can assist with reliable New Hampshire motorcycle shipping services, whether you’re traveling out west, down south, or to another part of the northeast. We will not only help you transport your motorcycle, but we can also pick it up when you’re ready to come home and ship it right back.


You could also be shipping a motorcycle in New Hampshire because you’re buying or selling a used bike. You may have got a brand new Harley but need some way to get it into your garage. Or perhaps you’re ready to give up your chopper and want to make sure it makes it to its new home safely. You could also be moving to or from New Hampshire but need a way to transport your bike from point A to point B safely. There are all perfectly valid reasons for requesting New Hampshire motorcycle transportation, so whatever your motivation, you can trust Fun Transport to make your journey easy and efficient.

Dependable New Hampshire Motorcycle Shipping Services with Federal Motorcycle Transport

Fun Transport is a division of Federal Companies, a trusted moving company with 5 locations and over 100 years of experience in the moving industry. We’ve served over 200,000 customers and ship over 5,000 motorcycles annually to New Hampshire and other parts of the United States. Our qualified team of over 200 workers has the training and experience to handle complex moves like motorcycles. Our dedication to customer satisfaction has helped us earn 300+ positive reviews on Google and Yelp and countless awards for our unparalleled service.

When you choose Fun Transport to help you move your motorcycle, you can expect fast delivery, attentive customer service, and a team of qualified professionals. We understand how special your motorcycle can be, so we go to great lengths to ensure your bike is stored correctly, packed, and shipped to prevent any disruptions or damage to the vehicle. We are happy to show you how to ship a motorcycle and what to do to prepare for the departure. We will be with you every step to ensure you reach your destination safely and experience the ride of your life!

Motorcycle Brands We Ship To/From New Hampshire

At Fun Transport, we have experience shipping various different types of bikes from all the top brands. We have over 30 years of experience in New Hampshire motorcycle transport and ship thousands of motorcycles annually to locations all over the United States. We have experience with all the popular types of motorcycles, including cruisers, sports bikes, choppers, vintage motorcycles, and so much more. We also have experience transporting some of the most popular motorcycle brands, including;

No matter what type of motorcycle you need to ship, Fun Transport is happy to help. We have the knowledge and experience you need to ensure your bike is safe and secure throughout the journey. We are happy to ship the motorcycles directly to your home or to a business such as a motorcycle shop. You are also welcome to use one of our many warehouse locations to keep the motorcycle safely stored and pick it up at your earliest convenience. 

Our warehouse locations near New Hampshire include:

  • New Britain, Connecticut – 163 miles from Portsmouth, NH
  • Monroe Township, New Jersey – 307 miles from Portsmouth, NH
  • Syracuse, New York – 355 miles from Portsmouth, NH
  • Telford, Pennsylvania- 355 miles from Portsmouth, NH

NH Motorcycle Transport FAQs

How much does it cost to ship a motorcycle from New Hampshire?

The average cost of New Hampshire motorcycle shipping is $1,037 or $0.51 per mile. However, the exact price will vary greatly depending on several factors, such as where you are shipping to or from, the size and weight of your motorcycle, and whether or not you’re planning to use one of our holding facilities. So the best way to get a handle on the costs is to reach out and request a free quote.

How should I prepare my bike for shipping?

First, put your bike in neutral with the forks and handlebars unlocked. If you have an alarm, be sure to pull your maxi fuse or check with your local dealership for instructions. We ask you to empty your saddlebags and drain your gas tank (less than 1/4 of a tank is recommended). Also, make sure not to ship any GPS units, electronic tolling passes, or weapons with your bike. You can find more tips by reviewing our motorcycle shipping checklist.

What is the best way to ship a motorcycle in New Hampshire?

We recommend enclosed Transport as the preferred way to ship your motorcycle, which involves securing your vehicle to a pallet and placing it in the back of a closed trailer. Open Transport is also an option that offers a lower price but means your bike will be exposed to the elements. Read our complete motorcycle shipping guide to learn about the different transportation methods.

Ready to plan your next road trip? Trust Fun Transport with all your New Hampshire motorcycle shipping needs. Call 309-550-7543 today for a free, personalized moving estimate.

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