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North Carolina Motorcycle Events ๐Ÿ›ฃ | 7 Top NC Motorcycle Rallies

Last Updated on: 12th June 2024, 07:43 am

Discover thrilling North Carolina motorcycle events! With over 250,000 registered motorcycle riders, North Carolina is one of the best states for motorcycle events. You can join the Thunder in the Smokies Spring Motorcycle Rally for an adrenaline-pumping weekend. You can also enjoy the low-key atmosphere at the Outer Banks Bike Week.

However, these are just two of the many events you can attend in NC. You can choose from dozens of different motorcycle swap meets, poker runs, and rides. Many riders struggle with picking one NC motorcycle rally to attend.

Get a complete list of North Carolina motorcycle events and compare your NC motorcycle rally options. Then, you can rev your engines and experience the best of North Carolina’s motorcycle scene! Here are the top motorcycle events in NC today!

Thunder in the Smokies | Large NC Motorcycle Rally With Bike Games and Live Music

Motorcycles at Thunder in the Smokies in Maggie Valley

  • Dates: May 3-5, June 28-30, and September 6-8, 2024
  • Address: Maggie Valley Festival Grounds, 3374 Soco Road, Maggie Valley, NC, 28751

Thunder in the Smokies is the largest NC motorcycle rally in the Smokey Mountains, located in Maggie Valley. Thunder in the Smokies is actually three different North Carolina motorcycle events. You can visit in the spring, summer, and fall and enjoy different biker parties each time.

Each event offers unique bike games where you can win prizes of up to $100. You can also attend live musical performances and attend bike shows, in which motorcyclists perform stunts and race each other.

Weekend passes cost just $25, and you can buy food and accessories from on-site vendors. You can also buy Fri or Sat passes and attend just one day of the bike rally.

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Outer Banks Bike Week | Kid-Friendly and Affordable North Carolina Motorcycle Event

Bikes for sale at a store at the Outer Banks Bike Week

  • Dates: April 20-28, 2024
  • Address: 8739 Caratoke Highway, Harbinger, NC, 27941

Outer Banks Bike Week is one of the oldest NC motorcycle events, starting in 2002. It’s an eight-day event with a wide range of activities, including poker runs, musical performances, and beauty pageants. It also offers kid-friendly activities, like bounce houses, obstacle courses, and face painting.

Each day is different, so you should look at the event calendar to decide what you want to do. If you want to ride your bike more than anything, you should visit on April 24th. A charity ride for Garage Band Charities will take place, and you can ride with other riders afterward.

Each ride or attraction has its own price, though the grounds are free to visit. This makes Outer Banks Bike Week the most affordable motorcycle event in NC.

Eastern V-Strom Rally | Quaint and Quiet Motorcycle Rally at a Scenic Lodge

  • Dates: May 30th-June 2, 2024
  • Address: Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge, 1755 Lower Stecoah Road, Robbinsville, NC, 28771

The Eastern V-Strom Rally is one of the largest rallies in Western North Carolina. It has a quaint and friendly atmosphere, with organizers preparing home-cooked meals around campfires. You have plenty of time to socialize with other riders, sitting in rocking chairs with beautiful views of the countryside. The Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge contains unique amenities like a massage therapy room, a gift shop, and a media room with couches and a 15-foot television.

The rally features a motorcycle swap, presentations on motorcycle culture, and group rides through nearby communities. It has fewer and quieter biker parties than most NC motorcycle rallies or motorcycle swap meets. This makes Eastern V-Strom one of the best North Carolina motorcycle events for people who just want to ride. Remember that lane splitting is legal but discouraged in North Carolina.

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Boone Bike Rally | Competitive Bike Games and Exhilarating Rock Bands

A crowd gathered at a concert at the Boone Bike Rally

  • Dates: May 31-June 1, 2024
  • Address: High Country Fairgrounds, Boone, NC, 28607

Boone Bike Rally is well-known for its bike games and live musical performances. You can win up to $1,000 by competing in games like joust and keg pushing. You can also paint and clean your bike and win artistic prizes at the bike show.

Tent camping is allowed on the rally grounds, so you can stay overnight without needing a hotel reservation. However, Boone does have several hotels open to guests, including La Quinta Inn and Sleep Inn, both of which offer affordable rooms.

The Friday day pass is just $15 and gives you access to concerts, vendors, and bike games. The event calendar is still being worked on, so email the organizers to see what will be occurring this year.

SmokeOut Rally | Best North Carolina Motorcycle Event for Campers

A line of motorcycles at SmokeOut Bike Rally

  • Dates: September 5-8, 2024
  • Address: Rowan County Fairgrounds, Salisbury, NC

SmokeOut Rally brands itself as “the Original Chopper Party,” as it is one of the oldest bike parties in the country. Many events at biker parties today started at SmokeOut, including garage build offs. The four-day event features movie screenings, paint shows, and bike games like the World’s Strongest Biker. You can also participate in bike races and organize rides to different locations around Salisbury. SmokeOut is an 18+ event with no kids allowed, like many South Carolina motorcycle events.

You can camp on the fairgrounds, including in RVs, though you must reserve a spot and buy a ticket for your RV. Salisbury contains four other campgrounds you can also camp at, making SmokeOut the best NC motorcycle rally for campers.

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Vintage Yamaha Rally | Best NC Motorcycle Rally for Vintage Bikes

Vintage Yamama bikes being displayed at the Vintage Yamaha Rally

  • Dates: September 26-30, 2024
  • Address: Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge, 1755 Lower Stecoah Road, Stecoah, NC, 28771

The Vintage Yamaha Rally is the best NC motorcycle rally for vintage motorcycle riders. The rally’s main event is a motorcycle show where participants can display their bikes and compete in a bike show. The rally is quieter than most NC motorcycle events or swap meets, with plenty of time given to riders to socialize. You can go on rides throughout the day and enjoy the best North Carolina motorcycle routes like the Tail of the Dragon. The Tail contains over 300 curves in just 11 miles.

The schedule for the 2024 rally is still being determined, but previous years have had magic shows, storytelling sessions, and musical performances. You can organize rides with event organizers or go on solo rides to any location you want. The Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge serves breakfast and dinner on all days, though you need to make reservations.

Indian Motorcycle Pow Wow | Best Motorcycle Event in North Carolina for Indian Motorcycles

  • Dates: June 12-16, 2024
  • Address: A Holiday Motel, 3289 Soco Road, Maggie Valley, NC, 28751

The Indian Motorcycle Pow Wow is the best NC motorcycle rally for Indian Motorcycle riders. Riders from New York, Texas, and Jacksonville, Florida, visit the pow-wow with their motorcycles. You can attend a few different motorcycle parties at the event, including pool parties and catered barbeque dinners. You can also participate in a sacred cleansing of your motorcycle, inspired by Lakota and Cherokee traditions.

The Indian Motorcycle Pow Wow caters to both experienced and beginning motorcycle riders. Event organizers plan group rides scheduled throughout the rally, and you can test your skills or go on easy roads. The pow-wow is family-friendly, and kids can compete to win prizes or watch movies in the great outdoors.

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Ride in the Best North Carolina Motorcycle Events

You are going to love North Carolina motorcycle events! You can enjoy family-friendly parties and rides at Outer Banks Bike Week and the Indian Motorcycle Pow Wow. You can also leave the kids at home and enjoy competitive bike games at the Boone Bike Rally and the SmokeOut Rally.

But before you start riding at NC motorcycle events, you must figure out how to get your bike to North Carolina. Federal Motorcycle Transport has over 30 years of experience in North Carolina motorcycle shipping, including to Winston Salem and other North Carolina cities. Get a free shipping estimate by calling 309-550-7543.

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