Best motorcycle rides in Ohio

Best Motorcycle Rides in Ohio | 7 Top Scenic Ohio Motorcycle Rides

Last Updated on: 27th October 2023, 05:53 pm

Are you planning a motorcycle trip? You should consider paying a visit to the Buckeye State. Ohio has many great places to go out riding, from twisty, back country roads to open stretches of highway. You can find plenty of scenic Ohio motorcycle rides that feature beautiful vistas and small towns along the way you can visit. Whether you’re headed to the Windy 9 or the Mount Vernon to Warsaw Loop, you’ll find no shortage of amazing places to ride in Ohio. So, to help you plan your upcoming trip, here are the best scenic motorcycle rides in Ohio.

Tail of the Dragon (20 Miles) | A Short Yet Complex Ohio Motorcycle Route Full of Twists and Turns

The Ohio Tail of the Dragon is a 20-mile route that follows route 78 from Gloucester to McConnelsville in southern Ohio. It’s one of the most iconic Ohio motorcycle roads and offers a peaceful journey with plenty of sites to see along the way. Burr Oak National Forest and Wayne National Forest are both located along the route, offering a place to stop and have a picnic or set up a campsite. You’ll experience a fair share of twists and turns with several elevation changes and opportunities to encounter native wildlife.

You’ll also pass through plenty of quaint villages and centuries-old farmhouses along the way. But despite its rustic charm, you’ll still find well-paved roads and traffic signs to make the drive safe and easy to navigate. At 20 miles, you can complete the ride in about 30 minutes to an hour, depending on your speed. But for any avid motorcyclist who wants to experience one of the best rides in the state, the Tail of the Dragon Ohio is a must.


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Route 534 (70 miles) | An Iconic Motorcycle Destination in Ohio with Fun Stops Along the Way

Those searching for the best motorcycle rides in northeastern Ohio should definitely check out Route 534. This classic Ohio motorcycle road starts in Garfield and travels north along 534 all the way to the town of Geneva-on-Lake on Lake Erie. Along the way, you’ll see gorgeous covered bridges and Amish settlements throughout the countryside. You’ll also encounter plenty of quaint villages to stop and do some shopping as well as exciting attractions to visit if you have time.

Mike Tyson’s old training camp is located along the route, and so is the End of the Commons General Store in Mesopotamia, the oldest general store in Ohio. It’s mostly country roads with plenty of twists and turns and places to stop and take a photo. Once you arrive in Geneva-On-Lake, you’ll also find more fun things to do, like spending the day in Geneva State Park or checking out the iconic Ferris Wheel at the Old Firehouse Winery. Route 534 is one of the most scenic motorcycle rides in northeast Ohio and can be completed in anywhere from 2 to 5 hours.

Southern Dip (94 miles) | A LaidBack Ohio Motorcycle Road in the Windy 9

The Southern Dip is another fantastic Ohio motorcycle route and part of its legendary Windy 9, a series of nine trails around Athens, Ohio. The Southern dip takes riders in a loop along the Ohio Scenic Byway, traveling through towns like Pomeroy, Middleport, and Albany before circling back to Athens. It’s one of the smoothest Ohio motorcycle trips and riders can enjoy subtle curves and beautiful country roads with plenty to see along the way.

You can stop at the Wisteria Event Site and Campground along the way if you get tired and want to do some camping or spend some time at Strouds Run Beach in Athens. If you are so inclined, you can even cross the river into West Virginia and go looking for the legendary mothman in Mount Pleasant. The Southern Dip offers a smooth, easy-going ride through one of the most beautiful parts of southern Ohio. Plus, you can complete this serene Ohio motorcycle trip in about 3 hours.


Hocking Hills Dipper (92 miles) | A Popular Ohio Motorcycle Destination for Nature Lovers

The Hocking Hills Dipper is another one of the best motorcycle roads in Ohio and another route on the classic Windy 9. This scenic motorcycle route in Ohio will take you directly through Wayne National Forest straight into the Hocking Hills region, a popular destination for nature enthusiasts and environmentalists. There, you can check out the breathtaking vistas at the Rose Lake Overlook or explore the caverns at Ash Cave

The Hocking Hills Dipper starts at Athens and goes northeast to New Straitsville and Logan, then southwest to South Bloomingville. You’ll then head southeast toward Athens through the towns of New Plymouth, Carbondale, and New Mansfield. This Ohio motorcycle ride takes you along the Hocking Hills scenic byway with some of the best parks and nature preserves in the state along the way. You can complete this ride in about 3 hours up to a half day, depending on how fast you ride.


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Triple Nickel (92 miles) | One of the Most Challenging Ohio Motorcycle Routes

Another one of the top Ohio motorcycle destinations is the Triple Nickel, a popular trail in the Windy 9. It’s one of the most difficult motorcycle trips in Ohio and features plenty of hilly passages and blind curves, making it preferred among seasoned riders. Those who are up for the challenge will find the Triple Nickel is an intense yet rewarding ride that takes you through the heart of southern Ohio. It’s a long and winding course that starts in Zanesville, Ohio, travels along the harrowing OH 555, and ends either in the town of Little Hocking on the Ohio River or in Athens.

Along the way, you see plenty of farmhouses and open fields, offering amazing views of the Ohio countryside. Due to its many challenges, it’s not recommended for beginners. But for those ready to tackle the many twists and turns, it’s one of the best motorcycle rides in Ohio.


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Zaleski Zipper (60 miles) | A Well-Balanced Motorcycle Ride in Ohio with Amazing Views

The Zaleski Zipper is another addition to the Windy Nine and one of the most popular motorcycle destinations in Ohio. Starting and ending on Route 55 in Athens, riders will follow a 50-mile loop around US-50 and Rte-682 through Zaleski State Forest. Along the way, you will also pass through Lake Hope State Park, which offers breathtaking views and a place to go camping. The Zaleski Zipper offers a little bit of everything – scenic beauty, peaceful country villages, and a smooth, easy-going ride.

You’ll find a moderate amount of twists and hills to keep things entertaining but nothing that your average rider couldn’t handle. Plus, the roads are mostly smooth and well-paved along the way, and there are plenty of small towns where you can refuel or grab a bite to eat. The Zaleski Zipper offers a good balance of complexity and tranquility, making it one of the most popular motorcycle rides in Ohio.

Mount Vernon to Warsaw Loop (62 miles) | A Peaceful Ohio Motorcycle Ride with Something for Everyone

The Mount Vernon to Warsaw Loop is one of the best motorcycle rides in Northeast Ohio and makes a great trip on a fall afternoon. Starting on STE 36 east of Mount Vernon, you’ll head east in the direction of Warsaw. When you get to Warsaw, you can also take the first intersection to Route 60, where you will travel through a beautiful section of the Woodbury Wildlife Area. You’ll then get on the 541 back toward Mount Vernon, where you’ll see plenty of lush trees, rolling hills, and strip mines.

Here, the journey will get more challenging as you’ll experience more twists and elevation changes. Most of the route is very rural, although you’ll find well-paved roads along the 36 and 60 (the 541 is a bit more worn). At 62 miles, you can complete the entire loop in 1 to 2 hours unless you want to stop along the way to take a photo or do some camping. But with a healthy mix of natural beauty, smooth highways, and rocky backroads, the Mount Vernon Loop is one of the most scenic Ohio motorcycle rides.

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