Frequently Asked Questions

As motorcycle shippers for over 30 years, we’ve helped our clients with countless questions and bike shipping scenarios.  Here are our clients’ most frequently asked questions. Call us to discuss your shipping needs, our team looks forward to helping you. 

How will my motorcycle be shipped?

The motorcycle is first loaded onto the lift gate on the back of the semi truck. There is no need for a loading dock unless the motorcycle is oversized, a trike, or has a side car. It is then placed on a 4×8 or 4×9 wooden pallet inside the semi-trailer. These are specifically made for motorcycles and come with custom motorcycle straps. See the How We Ship page for more information.

What if my motorcycle does not fit on the skid?

Most motorcycles do fit on the skid. However, if you have a bike that is longer than 108″ (9 ft) or wider than 48″ (4 ft), you must provide your own skid and this might need to go dock to dock. Some bikes with little ground clearance can present an issue. If you have less than 6” of ground clearance, please call us.

How long will it take to get my motorcycle picked up?

We can usually pick up from most locations within a couple of days to a week.

How long is transit time?

Transit time is usually about 8-10 business days from the time of pick up. Depending on the origin and destination, the transit could take 12-14 business days.

Can I ship extra parts or boxes with the motorcycle?

No. Any paperwork, keys, boxes, or spare parts need to be shipped separately. In the rare cases when the keys must go with the motorcycle, they need to be zip tied to the handle bars. Saddlebags and windshields can stay on the motorcycle and helmets may be shipped as long as they are securely strapped to the bike. Just make sure that it is noted on the inventory sheet that a helmet is attached to the bike.

How do I prepare by bike for shipping?

The gas will need to be drained to ¼ tank or less. Saddlebags must be emptied or locked up if you are shipping riding gear, helmets etc in them. Your motorcycle must be in transport mode with the alarm disarmed. Make sure the motorcycle is in neutral with the fork and handlebars unlocked.

What payment do you accept?

All payments must be made to our office with certified funds or by credit card before delivery. The mailing address is Federal Companies, PO BOX 1329 Peoria, IL 61654Attn: Motorcycle Dept.  You will receive a payment link by email once registered.

Will I be notified before the pickup and delivery?

The agent will try to call 24 hours in advance or more, before the pickup and delivery, but it could be as late as the morning of. They may try to give about a 4-hour window, but you must allow the entire business day! The drivers try to make the time frame that they tell you, but sometimes they may run late due to traffic, weather, or other circumstances. You can request that a 30 minute to 1 hour pre-call be made to you the day of.

Can I have the motorcycle picked up and delivered to a residence?

Yes, as long as the residence is tractor-trailer accessible. Commercial pickups and deliveries may be more convenient because someone is usually there all day to hand over and receive the bike. If you opt for a residential pick up or delivery you must allow the entire working day for the driver to arrive

What kinds of businesses can I use?

Some common locations that people use are local motorcycle shops, the business that they or their spouse works at, or a friend’s business.

Will my motorcycle change trucks and drivers?

Yes, the motorcycle will change trucks and drivers along the way. Once it is strapped to a skid, though, it will stay on that same skid.

Will the condition of my motorcycle be noted?

The driver will note the condition of the motorcycle at load and delivery. Any damage that is found at the time of delivery must be notated on the inventory sheet and signed for. If the damage is not notated at the time of delivery, Federal Companies or CRST Specialized Transportation will not be held responsible for damages and all claims will be denied.

What is Transit Coverage

This is not INSURANCE. This is not intended for full replacement value of the motorcycle. It is intended to cover damages that may be caused during transit. You should check with your own insurance company to see if they cover third party transfers. However, you may purchase additional coverage through us if desired.

What is your damage rate and average claim?

We ship over 5,000 motorcycles a year. The damage rate is about 2%. The average claim is usually cosmetic damages and that is about $500.00

Can I just meet the driver in a parking lot?

We prefer to not meet customers in parking lots. It may be hard for the drivers to locate the person if it is a very busy place and many store owners do not like trucks showing up on their lot. Also, the driver will try to give a window for pickup and delivery, but there are factors that may cause the driver to run behind. If the driver does run behind, you may find yourself sitting in a parking lot for the majority of the day. If he were to show up and you are not there, you would be charged an additional $50.00 for an attempt fee.

Can you deliver to my hotel?

Most hotels do not want our large semi-trucks coming in and out of their parking lot. If the hotel manager is okay with this, then someone at the hotel must be the contact person and be willing to receive, inspect, and hold the motorcycle for you in the event that the bike arrives before you do. You are better off locating a local motorcycle shop or distribution center to have your motorcycle delivered to. They handle motorcycles everyday and would take better care of your motorcycle until you arrive for your vacation.

Can I give you the money for the purchase of the motorcycle? 

No. Federal Companies only handles money for the shipping cost. The motorcycle purchase needs to be worked out by the buyer and seller. There are many online companies that provide that service to help protect both parties.

Our Clients' Feedback

  • Best company in the market. Tessa helped me out every step of the way and made me feel comfortable with my bike in there hands. My bike was here as scheduled and on time. Highly recommend

    Skorpion K. Avatar
    Skorpion K.
    3 months ago

    Bikes were loaded on time in Virginia and arrived in Colorado in record time. They were in flawless condition and handled with extreme care! Thank-you Federal Motorcycle Transport for helping us turn our motorcycle dream vacation into reality!!

    Chuck D. Avatar
    Chuck D.
    3 months ago

    Working with Federal was fantastic. The agent I worked with was incredibly helpful, she went way above and beyond expectations. She helped me coordinate a difficult pickup, doing all the work so I didn't have to. I would highly recommend working with Federal Motorcycle Transport. I... read more

    Tessa F. Avatar
    Tessa F.
    4 months ago

    Did an awesome job for me! Communication was great. My bike arrived ahead of schedule and it perfect shape. And that was after a 2500 mile trip if was door to door. It had to go 3200 miles maybe - but that doesn’t matter.

    They did what they said. With shipping...
    read more

    Bill B. Avatar
    Bill B.
    4 months ago
  • The entire experience from beginning to end was very good. I was kept informed and the personal service was exceptional. Safe & on time.
    Thanks Chuck.

    Chuck S. Avatar
    Chuck S.
    4 months ago

    Great customer relations. Picked up bike on time as scheduled.
    Tracked shipment all the way to my destination. Great communication
    delivered on time. Very pleased with the service.

    Alex R. Avatar
    Alex R.
    4 months ago

    The driver was extremely helpful. delivery was right on time and my Harley was packaged safely without a single scratch! I would recommend Federal to anyone!

    Paul B. Avatar
    Paul B.
    5 months ago

    This a great transport company. Everyone is helpful, special thanks to Judy who went above and beyond to get my bike back from Haul Bikes and delivered to me asap. Tracking online is super cool. I won't ever waste my time using anyone else but FMT.

    Dale F. Avatar
    Dale F.
    5 months ago
  • I am incredibly pleased with the motorcycle transportation services provided by Federal Motorcycle Transport. I worked with Tessa who was very professional and provided me with a written quote and answered all my questions. My motorcycle was picked up last Monday (April 26, 2021) in Texas and was delivered today... read more

    Michael T. Avatar
    Michael T.
    5 months ago

    I had an excellent experience with Federal. They apparently only pick up on certain days where my seller was located which made his scheduling a day off to have them load the bike very easy. Other haulers give you a 2-3 day window which is tough if you... read more

    Edward M. Avatar
    Edward M.
    6 months ago

    I purchased a used motorcycle through Cycle Trader. It was not reasonable for me to get it myself, so I knew that Federal Motorcycle Transport was recommended by the American Motorcycle Association, so I called them. They arranged the pickup and transported it without incident to my place... read more

    Arlie R. Avatar
    Arlie R.
    6 months ago

    Shipped a 2017 Harley Softail from Indianoloa, IA to San Diego, CA. Judy handled the quote and was thorough and clear. The price seemed very reasonable to me. Bike was picked up on time and delivered 4 days early. Bike was handled with care and there was no evidence of... read more

    Preston K. Avatar
    Preston K.
    6 months ago
  • Fast. Efficient. Friendly. Helpful. 100% positive experience. Thrilled. Many thanks to Federal Motorcycle Transport.

    Scott M. Avatar
    Scott M.
    6 months ago

    I had my motorcycle shipped from Texas recently. I want to thank Tessa who facilitated the whole thing an the movers for their service! I will be using them for future motorcycle shipping needs! Professional and thoughtful! Cheers

    Jacob Y. Avatar
    Jacob Y.
    7 months ago

    Although a snowstorm delayed pick-up, my shipment still arrived on time. Communication was lacking at times, but my item was delivered in good shape, without hassle.

    Brian M. Avatar
    Brian M.
    7 months ago

    I recently shipped my bike from Phoenix to Nashville. The communication was easy and helpful. The bike arrived in Nashville earlier than the expected delivery date and in perfect condition. Overall, this was a fantastic company to work with. I’d absolutely do business with them again. For anyone interested in... read more

    Cameron B. Avatar
    Cameron B.
    7 months ago